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Lost your car keys? Looked everywhere? AutoKeys pro is a 24/7 mobile automobile locksmith. We’ll put you back in the driving seat and get you back on the road in no time!

Whether your keys are lost, stolen, or you simply need a new duplicate key, Auto Keys can help you. For affordable car key replacements, car key programming and car key cutting look no further than AutoKeys.

Have you ever locked your keys in your car or truck? We all have, and it’s frustrating! Our mobile locksmiths can come to you and save the day. A well-trained technician will arrive at your location. We also provide laser-cut keys, car remotes and transponder keys—usually for much less than you would pay at car dealerships.





Having a spare car key on hand for emergencies is a very wise decision to make. It could save you a lot of stress, time and hustle further down the line, so it’s a sensible decision to have one cut whilst you still have access to your working key.

2-Locked out

Car opening is a tricky skill, but one which we have mastered over the years. We can open the majority of cars out there whilst you wait.

3-Stolen keys

Our mobile key cutting machinery is able to hand both laser key and traditional keys. This versatility means that we are able to help a wide variety of people at the side of the road.

4-Lost key

Lost your key? Dont worry,If you lose the key You could call a autokeys Pro servers, who can come and make you a new key on the spot



We accept card payments but no american express-



Q: I have lost my car key how do you make a new car key?
A: When calling Autokeys Pro out when we attend site we start by decoding the drivers or passengers side door lock. To decode the lock we use specially made tools which specifically read and decode vehicle locks. Once we get  a reading from the door lock we can start by cutting the car key using our computerized cut to code machine. 
Q: Can you delete out lost or stolen car keys?
A: Yes if your car key has been lost / stolen we can erase keys out of the vehicles immobiliser system and program a replacement car key in.
Q: My car key has snapped can you fix it?
A: Our mobile auto locksmith service can fix broken car keys fast usually on the same day of calling, If you are stranded and need urgent assistance. We are always on call Andover Auto Locksmith Reading can cut new replacement car keys while you wait! Saving you any unwanted delays by having to recover your vehicle back home or to the main dealers which can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for the main dealer to order your car key specifically to your vehicle from the manufactures.  
Q: How much is a new car key?
Lost car key replacements can vary from different vehicle makes & models when calling we have to run prices through part checker to see if we have parts ready in stock.